Three NFL teams destined for a downfall and their season win totals

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Three NFL teams destined for a downfall and their season win totals | News Article by

Football bettors have about a month to speculate on which NFL teams will rise and fall in 2019, before training camps and preseason play give some clues. If you’re trying to get a jump on the bitcoin gambling markets, here are some potential teams to fade this coming season as they struggle to live up to last season’s production.

Baltimore Ravens (Season win total 8.5)
The Ravens took advantage of a transition year in the AFC North in 2018, winning 10 games and topping the division before bowing out in the wild card round. A closer glance at their competition shows signs of a regression in 2019: Cincinnati was in shambles thanks to a rash of injuries, Pittsburgh was missing LeVeon Bell and left with a disgruntled Antonio Brown, and Cleveland was in makeover mode after axing their staff mid-season and leaning on a rookie QB Baker Mayfield.

Baltimore’s stop unit benefited from the offense’s relentless need to run the ball – especially once Lamar Jackson took over under center. The Ravens topped the league in time of possession, inflating the defensive numbers a touch. Opposing defenses started to figure out Jackson, and the Ravens will be relying on him to pass much more in 2019 – which might not be a good thing. Cleveland and Cincinnati will be better, and the Steelers are always competitive, making a nine-win season a stretch for the Ravens.

Kansas City Chiefs (Season win total 10)
Much like Jackson, the more tape defenses got on Patrick Mahomes the further his production dipped. That’s not to say Mahomes can be stopped, but he can be slowed down – and won’t have the supporting cast around him like he did in 2018. Running back Kareem Hunt is gone and receiver Tyreek Hill will likely miss a chunk of time due to suspension, leaving TE Travis Kelce as his go-to guy.

Kansas City’s explosive attack did a lot to help what was a bad defense last year. With the Chiefs striking for an NFL-high 8.9 first-quarter points per game, opponents had no choice but to push the pass game – making their playbook one-dimensional. The Chiefs are in tough with the fifth-hardest schedule in the league for 2019 and won’t have the same firepower to overcome those challenges.

Houston Texans (Season win total 8.5)
The AFC South could be the toughest division in football: top to bottom. The Texans edged out the Indianapolis Colts for the division crown in 2018, finishing with 11 wins despite some injuries to key players on both sides of the ball. And, honestly, the success of this team is hinging on those talents staying healthy as the rest of the AFC South improves.

Houston got hit with the fourth-toughest schedule in the NFL and runs a gauntlet of quality teams and heated division rivals in the opening eight weeks of play. With the Colts vying for the top spot in the AFC, Jacksonville improving, and Tennessee a consistent threat, repeating last season’s success looks well beyond Houston’s reach.