Scratch your football betting itch with CFL odds this summer

Wagering on the CFL odds this summer

Scratch your football betting itch with CFL odds this summer | News Article by

The college and pro football season is still two months away, but if you’ve got a pigskin itch that needs scratching: bitcoin gambling the CFL is for you.

The Canadian Football League offers some different twists and turns compared to the “American” version of the game, however, if you’re looking for football betting value, the CFL is a fantastic option. Here are some edges to look for when wagering on the CFL odds this summer:

Easy to track
There are just nine teams in the entire league, with the Western Conference holding an extra fifth squad in the standings. With fewer teams – unlike the NFL with 32 or NCAA with over 100 – it’s easier to keep track of each team’s results, strengths/weaknesses, and any news that may have an impact on the betting lines.

That said, the CFL doesn’t get the same blanket of coverage that the pros get, so you’ll need to find the best sources for CFL betting info. Local newspapers and Canadian media do a good job covering their teams, with valuable insights and info into injuries and coaching plans.

Trends are tacky
Riding a hot trend can be a simple way to wager, but in more popular leagues like the CFL or NBA, those valuable trends dry up quicker as bettors and bookies adjust to these patterns. In under-the-radar league’s like the CFL, betting trends tend to have more legs since fewer people are paying attention.

CFL bettors can often find solid trends to back early in the season, especially when it comes to home/away splits and Over/Under records. Currently, visiting teams have held the early value against the spread – covering at 60% though the first three weeks – while games are ticking over the betting total at a 70% rate.

Injuries and depth
Much like betting trends, roster depth and injuries can have a bigger impact on the betting results than are accounted for in the weekly CFL odds. Oddsmakers may under or overvalue certain missing players, which can open up value in the spread and totals.

The CFL is a different style of football, with an emphasis on the passing game due to the bigger field and three-down structure. Quarterbacks – much like any style of football – are the most important but any injuries to the receiving crops or to a pass-catching halfback can sink a team’s scoring attack. The CFL doesn’t have deep rosters like the pros, so paying close attention to the “next man up” is key.

Since the CFL is played through the summer months and into the late fall, it’s nothing for teams to deal with scorching heat and humidity as well as snow and wind in the same season. And just because this is “Canadian” football doesn’t mean the temperatures can’t climb.

Humidity is a huge factor for those mid-summer games, especially in places like Hamilton and Ottawa, and when mixed with summer heat, those conditions will absolutely drain teams. The CFL teams based in the prairies deal with a drier climate but hot temperatures as well.

Always be mindful of the game-time conditions but also the schedule, which can send teams into these situations on short rest or extended stretches of away games.