Three sharp ways to make the most of your WNBA wagers


Here are some tips and tactics for handicapping the WNBA

Three sharp ways to make the most of your WNBA wagers | News Article by

The summer months can be a grind on sports bettors. With basketball and hockey over and football still a couple months on the horizon, there’s not much in terms of mainstream sports to wager on besides baseball – and that can get stale quick.

When the pickings are slim, you’ve got to expand your menu. And it just so happens that a brand new option started its season this past weekend: the WNBA. Women’s basketball may not have the appeal of other professional sports, but if you look at the WNBA through the eyes of the sports bettor there’s more value on the board than the NFL, NBA and NHL schedule combined.

Still not sold? Well, here are some tips and tactics for handicapping the WNBA season that should help change your mind on betting women’s basketball:

Spot the steam
The WNBA lines don’t get the same love from the oddsmakers as the NBA odds. The process of setting the line is still the same but you don’t get those subtle tweaks and adjustments to the number before it hits the board. Because of that, opening lines often have glaring errors and that means sharp bettors pounce quickly when the overnights come out.

If you’re not quick enough to spot those mistakes in the WNBA spread and totals, you should at least respect the steam moves as sportsbooks scramble to adjust. It’s nothing to see a WNBA spread move three, four or five points from its opener as books try to balance the liability. This is especially true in the opening month of the season, as the oddsmakers don’t have much to base their numbers off of in the early workings of the schedule.

Read and research
The WNBA doesn’t get much coverage in terms of media and reporting, but there’s valuable information out there. Beat reporters are a must read on a daily basis and thanks to the boom in social media, there’s a lot more in terms of quick-hitting observations and tidbits available.

Bettors who are willing to study up on the latest news around the WNBA will find out those angles that make the difference when capping the spread and total, like coaches tinkering with their lineup or pace or star players battling through nagging injuries.

And it’s not just the headlines bettors should monitor. Keeping a close eye on betting trends is a great way to find direct gambling info for WNBA lines. Due to a lack of attention, these trends and happenings don’t get picked up by books or the betting public and seem to have a longer shelf life before the oddsmakers adjust and the value dries up.

Scan the schedule
The WNBA schedule is a bit of a puzzle and nothing like the NBA slate. Teams rarely play back-to-back games but when they do, these are often stretches of three games in four nights. Those situations open up some serious spot bet value playing on tired sides, either against the spread or Over/Under.

There is plenty of time off between games, which means teams have a chance to practice and fix things that they’re doing wrong, so what you see from a team one night may not stick around for the game two days later. That said, the spacing of the schedule also hurts teams building momentum, so bettors will want to be wary of riding winning or losing streaks.

And one factor new to the 2018 WNBA season is the move of the San Antonio Silver Stars to Las Vegas. As we’ve seen with the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, opponents seem to come down with the “Vegas Flu” when playing in Sin City thanks to a surplus of distractions. It will be interesting to monitor the Aces’ home-court success this season and see if WNBA opponents fall for a similar trap.