Make sure your college football bowl bets pass these postseason pitfalls


Alternative angles when sizing up the spreads and totals

Make sure your college football bowl bets pass these postseason pitfalls | News Article by

Capping college football bowl games takes some extra attention to detail. With some teams enjoying nearly a month off in action, certain angles can come into play. Football bitcoin gambling bettors can’t just go on what they saw during the regular season and need to consider these alternative angles when sizing up the spreads and totals:

As mentioned above, the bowl break can put a team on ice for an extended period, which means teams that finished the schedule red hot have had a chance to cool down and teams that stumbled to the finish line can regroup. Long layoffs can also help those programs dealing with injury issues after a long season, allowing them to return key players for the bowl game.

Coaching changes
The coaching carousel goes into overdrive at the end of the college football season, with underperformers getting the ax and plenty of promising coaches making the move to bigger and better surroundings. Pay close attention to who is coaching the team in these situations and how the team will respond. Will they step up for a proven assistant placed in an intern role or will the departure of the head coach leave the locker room deflated for their postseason finale?

Travel and venue
It’s not uncommon for bowl teams to play close to home. Heck, even some programs find themselves host a bowl game in their home stadium. College football bettors will want to measure the distance traveled for bowl teams, figuring out which ones will have a home-field advantage in a supposedly neutral-site showdown and which ones must cross the country and live out of a suitcase during their week of game prep.

Suspensions and withdraws
There’s a growing trend among standout college football stars to skip the bowl game and focus on their pro career, opting out of the finale to avoid injury and stay healthy for the NFL combine and subsequent draft. Call it the “Jaylon Smith” move – after the stud Notre Dame linebacker suffered a career-altering knee injury during a bowl game back in 2015. There are also plenty of problems during the break before the bowl games, with players getting suspended for off-field troubles and academic issues. Make sure you know who’s in and who’s out before betting on a bowl game.

Bowl games are the goal for every program but not all bowl games are created equal. Teams that entered the season with high hopes of playing in a New Year’s Day showcase but feel short of those qualifications can sometimes be less than motivated to play in a bowl before Christmas Day. Bettors also need to be mindful of teams playing in their first bowl game in some time or ones who qualified for their sixth win in the regular season finale. Those teams can often be a little “fat and happy” to be included in the postseason and are susceptible to letdowns.